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Your Bookkeeping Blueprint is all about...


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You’ve put in the hustle. Done the whole “work all day and also all weekend” grind thing. And now your business is a 6-figure earning empire-to-be with $1,000,000+ in revenue right on the horizon. 


Getting to where you are today took hard work. And while looking back at all you’ve accomplished fills your entrepreneur soul with a special kind of pride…


You can’t help feeling like there are some leaks in your financial flow. 


Because while you know that listening to what your financial data is telling you is the key to putting “will-work” short and long-term growth strategies in place…


You’re just not feeling like you have the right kind of support to fast-track toward your 7-figure success. 


You want to turn your books over to someone uniquely qualified to understand the ins and outs of your biz. Someone who will take all financial tasks off your plate, while keeping you in the loop about how to leverage what you have into the 7+ figure empire you could be. But you just haven’t found the right person to add to your team…

Here’s a crystal-ball peek into the future of your biz:

You’re an “I’ve already put in the work to achieve 6-figures” business owner. Which means you shouldn’t have to waste time second-guessing your spending. Wondering how to maximize profit. Or working to improve your cash flow. It’s time to…

  • Boil your complex financial data down into easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement steps for continuing your growth. (So you never lose another second of sleep worrying about bad biz decisions or missed opportunities.)

  • Spend more time operating in your Unique Zone of Genius. And spend less time keeping track of your finances. Or squinting at your computer screen while trying to spot errors or inconsistencies that will anger the IRS.

  • Maximize your profit by spotting all the leaks where you’re losing money or missing out on much-needed streamlining. So that your savings account grows…while the time you spend thinking about how to raise your revenue shrinks by 75%+.

Your Bookkeeping Blueprint Has 3 Simple Steps:

Blueprint Step One: Don’t let “silly questions” stop you

When it comes to your business, there’s no such thing as a “silly question.” Because every question you ask (and answer your trusted accountant sends back) can lead to actionable ways to boost your revenue. While also streamlining your operations and saving you time day-to-day.

Blueprint Step Two: Let your Unique Zone of Genius take center stage

You are the secret sauce that keeps satisfied customers and clients coming back for more. 


The more your business grows, the more bookkeeping-based tasks there will be vying for your time. (Think: managing payroll, paying out your contractors, tracking cash flow, checking for money leaks that need to be plugged.) But spending the energy in your tank on the tasks that count paves the quick path to long-term profitability.

Blueprint Step Three: Know exactly what’s going on with your money, but don’t spend all day looking at your books

You don’t need to spend all day untangling cash flow messes. Or worrying that any budgeting misstep will chip away at your business’ financial health down the road…


You just need to know the actionable next steps needed to maximize your profits and get back missed money. And you need to be 100% confident that whoever is offering that next-step advice has the accounting experience and real bookkeeping receipts to back those suggestions up. With real, hard data. 

Meet the architect behind your Bookkeeping Blueprint:

Hi, I'm Ashley!

When I’m not hanging with my pup Penny Lane (hi, Penny!), I use my decade of accounting experience to run Pretty Penny Accounting. We’re a team of profit-boosting pros who help businesses grow their revenue and streamline their operations. By taking accounting overwhelm fully off their plate.

You’re ready to leave all your tax and financial “How do I…” confusion behind IF:

  • You’ve just reached new revenue heights and want to make sure you’re maximizing profits and maintaining healthy cash flow from the get-go. (So that the only way your revenue will go from here is up ⬆) 

  • You’ve been outsourcing your bookkeeping for a while now. But you’re still trying to find the perfect blend of accuracy, timeliness, and expertise that will take accounting tasks fully off your monthly to-do list.

  • You’re tuned-in to your strengths and weaknesses as a business owner. Which means you want to spend more time focusing on next steps for growth. And less time completing tasks outside of your Unique Zone of Genius. 

  • You think there might be money leaks and missed opportunities in your financial plan. Ones that you want to catch and correct before they become a waterfall of missed revenue.

  • You’re struggling to look at your numbers and perform the kind of complex financial analysis that will lead to actionable next steps. 

  • You’re excited to watch your business savings account continue to rise…but you don’t want to wait years to finally crack through that 7-figure ceiling.

If at least 2 of the above sound like you, it’s time to turn that Business Blueprint into an easy system for scaling up while subtracting financial stress…

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Here’s how we’re helping businesses like yours set the stage for 7-figures:

Take a peek into future stages of your Bookkeeping Blueprint: 

✔️ The full bookkeeping sweep of services: bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll, and sales tax management (that’s fully hands-free on your end)


✔️ Strategic financial guidance and ongoing email support and that’s just one click of the “send” button away


✔️A team of “been doing this for years” accounting pros who specialize in maximizing your profits and improving your cash flow for stress-free business growth

Starting at $900/month for service providers and $1,100/month for product sellers

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