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Do you feel like you have no idea where you are financially?

That's why I'm here. Numbers are kinda my thing.

I'm Ashley Waychoff, your small business accountant.

I have a major passion for small business success and I'm here to help YOU see success and get back to doing what you love!

I started Pretty Penny to help visionary entrepreneurs maximize profits, understand their financials and get back to doing what they love with bookkeeping and accounting advisory services.

We take business owners from feeling stressed about money, no clue where they're spending or what they're making, and an unorganized headache to...

having financial clarity, confidence in their numbers, and a system for organization and compliance.

Ready to ditch accounting-related stress?


(also, if you're new here, this is my pup Penny Lane)


The Resume

I grew up in Dallas, TX raised by fearless small business owners. My childhood was filled with the celebrations and woes of small business ownership.

I remember visiting them at work during busy seasons and "helping" around the office. I also remember them attending my sports games, taking summer Fridays, and many family vacations. These experiences gave me first-hand experience with the freedom and responsibilities that come with owning a small business.

Work hard. Feed your family. Enjoy the success.

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!) with a degree in accounting and went straight to work for a CPA firm where I was blessed with a wealth of opportunity and responsibility. After about 5 years, I transitioned to working for a family-owned start-up. Both experiences were life-changing and opened my eyes to my passion for small business success. I wanted to find a way for my entrepreneurial spirit to thrive and for me to help more business owners pick up their kids from school, take summer Fridays, and travel (if that's your thing).

... enter Pretty Penny LLC

Small businesses truly are the heart of our communities. I want your business to be a tool for your creativity and to fund anything you want out of life.


GRACE: we show ourselves and each other kindness + grace.

TRUST: we work hard to build + keep your trust. 

COMMUNICATION: communication is key + we exhibit full transparency.

ENTHUSIASM: we are quick to help + serve.

SUCCESS: we define our own versions of success.



Ashley is cool, calm, collected & creative! I've never had an accounting experience like this that totally just broke down the complexities of accounting and put it in a way that I could understand, but also not be totally bored by.


Ashley is INCREDIBLE. She made understanding my finances doable and even easy to a point. She educated me and answered all my questions. She is first a human being here to help and I love that about her! She is always willing to help and make businesses thrive on the finance side and I’m so thankful I found her!


It's one thing to see your "numbers" and something else entirely to understand exactly what's going on in your business. Ashley provided me with the guidance I needed, clarity and helped arm me with resources to go into a new season of growth in my business with confidence and a game plan. Highly recommend her and her services.