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If you're an accountant looking for the perfect systems to run your business, look no further! I have google searched and struggled my way through trying different apps, software, and programs to help me grow my business. 

Now, it's definitely worth noting that every business owner is different, therefore different systems work best for different people. These are what have worked for me. 

Full disclosure, some of the links below are affiliate links and I may receive a commission if you sign up using one of these links.


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Okay, now let's dive in!

for your CRM



If I'm being honest, Dubsado was a bit of a learning curve for me but it has paid off! Sending proposals, scheduling meetings (paid or unpaid), keeping track of client agreements, and collecting information from clients has never been easier. Not to mention, it's really smooth on the client's end. I receive compliments often about how easy the process is! (I even had a client say yes to a proposal because they liked how nice everything looked. That's a win!) If you have it in your budget, I recommend having someone help you with the setup. It'll save you time and frustration in the long run. Click here to receive 20% off your first month or first year.

Others I tried: Practice Ignition, Jetpack, PandaDoc




I will forever sing the praises of ClickUp! It has been a gamechanger in the way I manage my business, organize client notes and record procedures. When I was a solopreneur, having a task management system didn't seem as necessary. I kept everything organized in my own way on google sheets, word docs, notepads, etc. I used a few different apps but wasn't great with keeping it updated. When I made my first hire, it was clear that I needed a robust and intuitive program to track tasks and for me to manage the tasks assigned to my team. I wish I had started building out something sooner. (So don't wait until this is a NEED.) I use ClickUp for so much, so let's break it down:

  • Client tasks and due dates

  • Internal client notes, client meeting notes, and our hub for client details

  • Client and internal standard operating procedures

  • Time tracking (I have an amazing dashboard where I can see my team's hours at any time)

  • Personal to-do lists and brain dumps

  • Marketing strategy maps and plans

  • Each employee has a dashboard where they can view their tasks, hours, urgent needs, etc

So much more I know I'm missing, but point is that it's a wonderful system capable of so much! Best part, there is a free version! Once you add team members and need more functionality, you'll need to upgrade. Click here to get started! 


Others I tried: Asana, Monday, Word Docs, Excel Sheets, Notepads, Whiteboards, you name it

for your payroll (& your client's)


In my years of doing accounting for small businesses, I have had experience with MANY different payroll platforms. Some better than others, but all with their own quirks. When I first heard of Gusto, I was uninterested in learning a new program. Then, I brought on a client who used Gusto and WOW, I was impressed. From the get-go, their platform is extremely user-friendly, customer service is wonderful, reminders are in your face so nothing gets dropped, and they take you (or your client) step-by-step through every process. Most importantly, they take the stress off of your plate by staying on top of everything for you, not missing deadlines, and clearly alerting you of anything needed on your part. I now recommend Gusto to every client needing a new payroll platform or interested in switching from their current one. They have won me over. 

Use this link to register your clients for payroll and earn $500. 

Use this link to register your own company for payroll and earn $300. 

Others I tried: ADP, Paycom, Paychex, Quickbooks Payroll, Paycor, Square Payroll

for communication


Overwhelmed by email? Slack has been a great tool for internal communication! There are search functions, document upload capabilities, and chat rooms to keep everyone connected. 

Click here to start for free!

Others I tried: Email, text, phone calls

Stay tuned for more to come!

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