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5 Ideas of Things to Outsource in Your Business

So you know you're overworked. You want to outsource some of your workload, but you're not sure where to start. I've got you!

Let's break down a few ideas for what to outsource in your business.

How do you know it's time to outsource?

Everyone outsources at different points in the life of their small businesses. Some never outsource anything! Personally, I struggled with knowing when and how to outsource for the first time. Now that I've done it, though, I'm so glad I took the leap.

Some signs it might be time to outsource:

  • You're making plenty of money, but you feel stuck. We all hit these plateaus in our businesses. If you're struggling to break through that new income goal, it might be worth reallocating some of your workload to a subcontractor. That way, you'll have the time and energy to create new products and take on more clients.

  • You're working all the time. You know that joke, the one that goes like, "I quit my 9-5, and now I work 24/7"? Unfortunately, that's the reality for a lot of business owners. Outsourcing your most time-consuming tasks can help you reclaim your free time and finally get some rest.

  • You're struggling to DIY something. Would you rather struggle with a project for a month or hire an expert to get it done in a week? Save yourself the headache and outsource it!

  • You don't have time for your passion projects. You deserve to love your business. If all your time goes to projects you don't actually enjoy, it's time to rethink your workload.

My biggest tip: Outsource before you absolutely need to. Trust me, it's way easier to hire the right person when you're not totally swamped with your own work.

5 Things to Outsource Today

Not sure what to outsource? Here are a few ideas!

1. Administrative Tasks

This can be anything from sending invoices to following up with new leads. All those emails take time. Plenty of VAs (virtual assistants) and OBMs (online business managers) have corporate admin backgrounds.

If you can't afford to outsource this, invest in a CRM like Honeybook or Dubsado. With a little bit of setup, you can automate your invoices, follow-ups, and more.

2. Lead Generation

Social media is pretty much mandatory for a modern business, but personally, I don't like spending all my time on Instagram and Facebook. If you want to cut down on scrolling and DMs, hire a lead generation specialist! They can find potential clients, create connections with them, and direct them to your lead form.

3. Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy and informed is a lot of work. A customer service specialist can take over answering product questions on social media, managing your email inbox, and responding to reviews. Just be sure to give them a thorough rundown on how your business works.

4. Marketing

When I first started my business, I swear 90% of my time went to marketing. Now that I have a full client roster, I just don't have the time! Outsourcing my social media marketing has saved me tons of time and stress. Plus, you'll probably get even more leads when you outsource your marketing to an expert.

5. Finance Management

Keeping track of receipts, filing your taxes, paying yourself... All that time really adds up. Hire an accountant or bookkeeper to stay on top of your numbers so you can focus on the parts of your business you love most.

How to Outsource the Right Way

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