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My Top Small Business Goal Ideas for 2021

Who said you have to wait for the new year to set your business goals? It's never too early or too late to set goals in your small business.

If you're struggling with ideas, look no further. Here are some small business goal ideas you can add to your 2021 agenda. Take what feels good to you, rework them, and set some goals you're excited about!

2021 Goal Ideas for Your Small Business

Increase your take-home pay.

No brainer, right? You'd think so, but a lot of us get stuck in the cycle of making more money and investing it right back into our businesses. That's great and all, but you deserve to take some of that home! Make it a goal this year to give yourself a raise and increase your take-home pay.

Treat yourself or your family.

Treat your nearest and dearest (or your dang self) to something special, big or small! Maybe it's a staycation in a nearby cabin or a full-on tropical vacation. Maybe you've been itching for a spa treatment or a shopping spree. Whatever "treating yourself" looks like, make it a priority to show yourself some love this year.

Upgrade your equipment.

We love a good business write-off! If you've been eyeing a new camera lens, holding out on upgrading your computer, or aching (literally) for a new desk chair, set a goal to make that business upgrade this year.

Beef up your savings.

Whether it's your personal savings or your business savings (which you should definitely have, by the way), a little added financial security can do wonders for your inner peace. Set a savings goal and write it into your monthly budget.

Pay off your debt.

Even if it's not killing your credit score, carrying debt month-to-month is stressful. Why not make it a goal to pay some of that off in 2021? Start with whichever debt has the highest interest rate, start making payments, and keep working through your accounts until you're debt-free.

Invest in systems development.

You wouldn't believe how much time and energy a solid CRM (customer relationship management) system can save you. Set a goal to invest in a CRM you love this year. And if you're not super tech-y, you can hire someone else to set it up for you!

Grow your team.

I've never regretted outsourcing in my business. Hiring an employee or contractor is an investment, but the ROI is insane. Pick a date you'd like to have your new teammate hired by, and start taking steps towards growing your team.

Work less and make more.

That's the dream, right? You can do this in a hundred different ways: launch an evergreen course, create a passive income stream, hire help, increase your prices. Set the broad goal of working less and making more money, get really clear on what that looks like for you, and then line out a plan to help you get there.

Invest in self-improvement.

Whether it's continued education, a business coach, or even just a gym membership, you can't go wrong investing in your own self-improvement. It's a treat to yourself and a boost for your business! The better you take care of yourself, the more your business will thrive.

Now that you've set some goals, how will you reach them?

Setting goals is the easy part. Next, we've got to reach them! You'll need a solid roadmap, metrics for success, a workflow that moves you in the right direction, accountability... Safe to say, it's a process.

If you'd like some help crushing your 2021 small business goals, let's chat! Book a strategy call with me and let's create a plan to meet and exceed your financial goals for the year.


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