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How to Be More Productive: 5 Habits to Start Today

Teaching yourself how to be more productive involves more than checking boxes on your to-do list. You can read every self-help book under the sun and automate everything you can, but at the end of the day, you can't serve others without first taking care of yourself. The best way to be more productive is to start - and keep - good habits in your life and your business.

When I made self-care and balance a priority in my life, my output soared! I had more energy, better ideas, and increased concentration, meaning I could perform better in my business.

Want to find balance in your own life? Here are the five habits I've implemented to become more productive.

5 Habits to Become More Productive

1. Schedule phone-free time into your day.

If the thought of going an hour without your phone makes your palms sweat (guilty!), you need to practice spending time away from it. Schedule blocks of time during your day for phone-free work, relaxation, or family time. With practice, you'll find yourself able to concentrate better, appreciate the present, and connect more deeply with your friends and family. Plus, you'll get to ditch any anxiety you feel towards work emails or Slack notifications for a while.

2. Practice gratitude.

Studies show that focusing on things you're grateful for can drown out negative emotions and improve your mood. What better way to start the day?

Every morning, I write down a few things I'm grateful for. These can be physical things (like a roof over my head or a great cup of coffee) or more abstract things (like a good night's sleep). Putting these things down on paper and spending a few moments just being grateful puts me in a positive mood and sets me up for a productive day.

3. Create and repeat affirmations.

Hiccups happen, but instead of letting them derail your workday, learn to push through them with positive affirmations. We attract what we put out into the world. Reframe negative thoughts into positives!

For example: Instead of, "I can't afford that," try, "I have everything I need right now, and I'd love to buy _____ someday." Instead of, "I'm no good at this," try, "I'm still learning how to do this."

When you talk to yourself like you're worthy of success and self-love, you start treating yourself that way, too. Cut yourself some slack!

4. Learn something every day.

I'm a big proponent of being a lifelong learner, and it's especially important as a business owner. Every day, I try to learn a little something new - whether that's by listening to a podcast, reading a chapter of a book, or watching a video tutorial.

Personally, I start every day by walking my dog for 15 minutes while I listen to an educational podcast. To be honest, I never would have started this habit without my dog! I took her on a morning walk one day, and ever since she's started dancing around my feet first thing in the morning. I can't say no to her! Now, I look forward to these few minutes of peace every day.

When you start consciously learning daily, you improve your business and feel like you're bettering yourself in the process.

5. Get moving!

The benefits of exercise are truly too many to list. If you're having trouble focusing, take a walk during your lunch break and come back to your desk refreshed. If you struggle falling asleep at night, work out a few hours before bedtime. If you're getting frustrated, take your anger out on some weights. A little bit of movement every day goes a long way, both for your productivity and your health.

Want to become more productive?

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