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Defining Your Own Success: How to Set & Reach Your Goals

You know that scene in every "business chick" movie, the one where the main character reaches the top of the corporate ladder and then her life falls apart around her? (Exhibit A: The Devil Wears Prada.) These movies might lead you to believe that you can't be happy and successful, but I don't think that's the issue. Instead, the problem is that we're living by society's expectations instead of defining our own success.

Here's how to go about defining your own version of success and setting goals to get you there!

Defining Your Own Success

Defining your own success means breaking down any preconceived ideas you have about what success looks like and rebuilding your own vision.

When I worked in corporate, I had big dreams living the Meryl Streep CEO life: corner office, massive team, insane paycheck. I saw myself climbing that corporate ladder all the way to the top!

But when I stopped and really thought about it, I realized I didn't want any of that. I didn't want to manage hundreds of people. I didn't want to work in a high-rise office building. What I really wanted was freedom - to set my own schedule, determine my own pay, and chart my own career path. When I dug deep and defined my own version of success, I was able to set goals that felt authentic and that I was genuinely excited about reaching.

And here's the best part about defining your own success: If your true version of success looks like running a major company, working in your cushy corner office, and flying around the world for meetings, go for it! If it's genuinely what you want most out of your career, then that's what I want you to strive for.

Setting (and Reaching) Your Goals

Once you have a clear vision of what your dream life looks like, it's time to start taking steps in that direction.

Set Big Goals, Then Break Them Down

The best way to reach big, crazy goals is to break them down into smaller, more attainable ones. It's easy to lose motivation when you've been working towards the same goals for months without reaching it. But if you set yourself some smaller goals to reach along the way, you can track your progress as you go.

For you, that might look like...

  • Big Goal: Start your own business.

  • Smaller Goals: File for an LLC, land your first client, match your corporate income, quit your job.

  • Big Goal: Launch your first course.

  • Smaller Goals: Complete the course outline, write the modules, create the marketing materials, sell 5 seats.

  • Big Goal: Book a solo vacation.

  • Smaller Goals: Save $3000, block off a week in your client calendar, book your plane tickets.

These smaller goals might not seem as Instagram-worthy, but they're all part of the bigger picture.

Create a Plan For Reaching Your Goals

Now that you have your goals broken down, let's make a plan for reaching them. Personally, if I can make a small move in the right direction every day, I feel like I'm doing well.

Here's what my plan looked like for writing the content of my first course:

  1. For a week, I spent an hour every day brainstorming ideas for each section of the course, jotting them down as notes.

  2. The next week, I worked my way through each module, still working just a few hours a day on my course outside of my client work.

  3. The week after that, I went back through and edited everything I'd written.

  4. In the final week of my writing month, I uploaded all the content into my course creation software.

And just like that - content complete!

When you break your goals into actionable steps on a realistic timeline, it's easier to hold yourself accountable and see your progress as you work.

Celebrate As You Go

The key is to celebrate each and every goal, no matter how small, as if it's a big one. Pat yourself on the back, humblebrag about it, whatever you want! That confidence boost will act as motivation to keep you moving forward towards the even bigger goals.

Reaching your goals is an ongoing process. Make sure you've got the right resources.

Whatever your version of success looks like, I want to help you get there. Check out these free resources for starting and growing your own business. Then, shoot me a message on Instagram! I'd love to hear what goals you're shooting for this year.


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