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3 Ways to Increase Sales Right Now

Who doesn't want to make more money?! Whether your business is just starting out, you're in a slow season, or you just want a little cash injection, it's nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve for increasing sales.

Keep reading for three tricks for increasing your sales, and check out this blog post for other ways to bring in more revenue.

Tips for Increasing Sales in Your Small Business

1. Improve your client experience.

You know who loves spending money? Happy customers!

When your clients genuinely enjoy the buying process, they're more likely to come back. Try these tips for keeping your customers happy:

  • Upgrade your CRM. A seamless booking, buying, and scheduling system does wonders for the client experience. It makes your clients feel taken care of every step of the way, and it takes some of the work off your plate.

  • Provide additional resources. Whether you provide a service or sell a physical product, there's always room to create and provide additional information for your customers. If you're a business coach, share your favorite productivity tools. If you sell bath products, share your personal self-care routine. These resources enhance your client's experience with your product and give them more ideas for how to use it.

  • Make a personal connection. Customers want to know and trust you. When someone purchases your product, send a hand-written note or shoot them a dm thanking them for their order. A little connection goes a long way!

Not only will this make your current customers happier, but it'll increase the likelihood that they refer their friends and family members your way.

2. Re-sell to past customers.

It takes a lot less energy to re-sell to past customers than it does to convert new leads. Why? Your past customers already know you, trust your business, and love your product. Why wouldn't they want to buy again?!

That being said, you need to give them every opportunity to help increase sales. If your product isn't something they need to buy again (like a business course), offer additional products to enhance their experience. This could be anything from one-on-one coaching to a mini-course to an ebook.

If your product is something they can buy more than once (like bath products), give your customers an incentive to purchase again. Offer a discount on their second order, provide a promo code in exchange for a review, or help them round out their collection with similar items in your product suite. ("Oh, you bought a bath bomb? You'd love this lotion I recommend using after.")

Again, these 'raving fan' clients are more likely to purchase again and more likely to sing your praises to the world.

3. Adopt the right mindset.

If you want to sell more, you have to believe you can sell more. It's all about the right mindset!

You're much more likely to attract the right customers or close a sales call if you're confident in your ability to do so. Next time you're gearing up for a big launch or pushing to increase sales, journal through these prompts:

  • Envision your ideal sales call. How does it start? What's the vibe? How does your ideal client react when you tell them your rates?

  • Imagine the sales rolling in. Really try to envision the notifications popping up on your online shop. How great will that feel? How will you celebrate?

  • Picture that money flowing into your account with ease. See your totals increase. What will that do for your confidence? What stress will that release from your life?

The first step to manifesting anything is getting a clear picture of it. Once you get in the right mindset, the sales will come much more easily.

Other Ways to Increase Your Revenue

Of course, increasing your sales isn't the only way to make more money. For more ideas for increasing your revenue, check out this blog post.

Scaling your business? Ditch the stress!

Mo' money, mo' problems, right? Not if you play your cards right! When you get a good handle on your business finances and take your accounting seriously, you can make more and stress less.

Book a strategy call today, and we'll dig into your business finances, set some new goals, and create a roadmap for reaching them.


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