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Limiting beliefs around money can have you stuck in a scarcity thought loop. "There is never enough", "I will run out of money", "I could never afford that"

These limiting beliefs are not helping you achieve reach your dreams and achieve your goals. They are holding you back.

This is coming from an accountant who is all about budgeting and making sure you aren't spending out of your means. So, what I'm asking you here is not to spend like a millionaire before you are one. What I'm asking you is to think of money objectively. There will always be more. Money flows like water - in & out of your life.

When you look at money with a scarcity mindset, you feel stretched thin, give up & don't invest in your own growth. By not pushing forward or investing in yourself, you're not going to reach the goals you want.

If we believe there is never a possibility for more, we won't spend time trying.

The scarcity loop is:

Fear (I don't have enough money) > Anxiety (lack of money is stressing me out) > Poor Choices (spend on unnecessary things) > Negative Outcomes (lack of money persists) > Fear

Let's change this exhausting narrative.

If you think of money out of an abundance mindset and make a plan for your goals, you're going to lose the fear, money related anxiety, poor choices & negative outcomes.

Start repeating these 10 money mindset affirmations to yourself, especially when money related fear or stress starts to creep in:

  1. I have enough.

  2. There will always be more.

  3. I am worthy of making money every day.

  4. I can be financially free.

  5. I make money when I do what I love.

  6. Opportunities to make money always arise.

  7. I am financially secure.

  8. I live an abundant life.

  9. I have everything I need to achieve my wildest dreams.

  10. I am grateful for the wealth I have.

These affirmations are going to lead you to an abundance loop:

Gratitude (I am thankful for the income I receive) > Peace of Mind (I am at peace with money) > Wise Choices (I spend and save wisely) > Positive Outcomes (I enjoy financial security) > Gratitude

Remember: No matter how little you have today, you have all that you need to start chasing your dreams.

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