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QUICKBOOKS TIP: how to invite an accountant

I'm back with an important Quickbooks tip: how to invite an accountant to your Quickbooks Online account.

If you've taken the leap to outsource, or if you're having an accountant cleanup your Quickbooks, they will need direct access.

An awesome feature of Quickbooks Online is the ability to give your accountant access directly to your file instead of having to save a backup and send on a flash drive, or in the mail, or through a secure cloud system (which is nearly impossible because the file is always too big!).

With Quickbooks Online, your accountant can be working in your file AT THE SAME time as you & it won't effect either of your work! (mind blown - this is a game changer)

Okay, now to the training. It's super simple.

Login to your Quickbooks Online account (

Click on the Setting Icon (we call this the "gear" icon)

Select Manage Users

Select the tab for Accounting Firms

Enter your accountant's email address

Select Invite


Here is a video tutorial for the visual learners:

Simple as that. Now your accountant can view & make changes to your Quickbooks Online file.

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