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4 False Beliefs Keeping You From Reaching Your Income Goals

Do you ever feel like your next money goal is just out of reach? Like you’re stuck at a certain level in your business? Like you’ll never quite get the hang of things? Some of the biggest hurdles business owners have to face are false beliefs–about themselves, about money, and about their businesses.

Here are just a few of the false beliefs that might be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

What Are False Beliefs?

False beliefs are mindset blocks that keep you from reaching your full potential. Basically, they’re beliefs you hold about yourself–your skills, your worth, your abilities–that are untrue and limiting. In my experience with clients, I find that false beliefs stem from a few sources:

  • Your past. Maybe you’ve always struggled with managing your money. Maybe you’re working your way out of a pit of debt. Or maybe you grew up believing you just weren’t capable of making six figures. Our pasts have a way of dictating our futures, and if you don’t do the mindset work to overcome these false beliefs, you can find yourself stuck.

  • Your peers. When all your friends and family members are struggling with money, it can be hard to imagine yourself doing any better than them. You might even feel guilty for making more (or having the potential to make more) than your peers. This mindset can keep you from striving for more.

  • Your self worth. If you already struggle with low self confidence, that will naturally bleed into your business. It can cause you to undercharge for your services, say “yes” to projects you don’t want to take on, and even turn down amazing opportunities because you’re afraid you’ll fail. But as you work on your mindset, you’ll start to see your potential and make courageous moves in the right direction.

No matter your false beliefs, you can work through them. It takes time and effort, but it’s vital to opening up your possibilities and finding the strength to chase what you want.

4 False Beliefs Keeping You Stuck in Your Business

Ready to reach your money goals? Start by breaking down these four false beliefs.

1. “I can’t be trusted with that amount of money.”

Many clients come to me genuinely afraid of making more money. They don’t trust themselves with the money they have (or had), and so they don’t believe they can responsibly manage more. Instead, they tell themselves, “I’ll make more money when I get better with my money.”

Most of the time, however, money management skills and a bigger paycheck come hand-in-hand. As you learn to manage your money, you find that you can attract more of it. And the more money you attract, the better you get at spending and saving with intention.

In order to attract more money, you have to trust yourself with your money. And in order to do that, you have to get really, really well acquainted with it. To get started, download my free guide to finding financial clarity.

2. “I should just be happy with the money I have.”

Look, I’ll be the first person to tell you that practicing gratitude does wonders for your happiness and mental health. But that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for what you currently have. There’s nothing wrong with desiring more–more money, more free time, more opportunities, even more material items. It doesn’t make you ungrateful, only human.

At the end of the day, money is a tool for crafting the life you want to live. With more money comes less financial insecurity, less stress, and more opportunities for rest, fulfillment, and unique experiences. Who doesn’t want all that?!

So yes, celebrate the money you have today. Be grateful for every pretty penny that lands in your bank account. But don’t limit yourself.

3. “I can’t spend money if I want to have money.”

As a lifelong saver, this is a false belief I really had to work on when I started my business. I felt that if my goal was to have more money I couldn’t possibly spend it on courses, coaching, or upgrades.

Over time, though, I learned that spending is necessary for growth. Every investment I’ve made for my business–from growing my team to taking business courses–has paid for itself tenfold. And when I invest in my business, I find that I take my business growth even more seriously.

Even if your personal goals include a hefty savings account, don’t be afraid to invest in business growth. If you invest in the right things, you’ll make that money back (and then some!).

4. “My services aren’t worth that much.”

Most small business owners severely undervalue their products and services. It stems from this false belief that what you offer isn’t worth a higher price.

In my experience, this happens when you compare your pay as a small business owner to your old salary in the corporate world. Maybe you were paid $20 per hour as an employee but you now charge $50 per hour. While it might not seem like you’re “worth” that much, you have to remember that you take on much more risk and responsibility as a business owner. You have to pay your team, your operating expenses, and yourself out of that price. It’s not even remotely comparable to a regular salary.

As a business owner, you are entirely in control of how much you charge for your services. As you work on your mindset, you’ll gain confidence in what you have to offer and how much you charge your clients.

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