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6 TIps For Spring Cleaning Your Small Business

Ah, springtime has finally arrived. It's that time of year when the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the flowers start blooming. It's also that time of year where you hear the words "spring cleaning" being tossed around. When you think of spring cleaning you probably think of closet clean outs and organizing your pantry but spring cleaning can go beyond your home... Business owners can also take advantage of this wonderful time of year to get organized and improve their operations by spring cleaning. Let's look at some different ways to spring clean your small business...

6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Small Business

1. Clean up the books

Don't forget to deep clean your business's books while you're cleaning up the rest of your business in the spring. Your accounting books are the hub of your business's transactions and financial records. They can help you in forecasting your financial future and making sound financial decisions. But none of this is possible if your books are a mess. 

Take time every year as a business owner to thoroughly clean your business's books (along with doing mini cleanings throughout the year). To organize your books, go over your files and accounts, sort your receipts, and digitize everything you can. You should also keep your personal and business expenses separate.

You might want to consider hiring a bookkeeper (I know some excellent ones wink wink) or using accounting software like Quickbooks Online to track transactions and simplify your spring cleaning. That way, your books will be more organized throughout the year, and you will avoid accounting nightmares.

2. Tidy up your website

It goes without saying that your small business website can help your business grow and evolve. However, if you allow much-needed changes to fall through the cracks, your website will quickly collect dust and possibly damage your business's image.

Your business has most likely grown and changed in the last year. You could have changed your mission or maybe you completely changed your logo or color scheme. In any case, you should spend some time scouring your website for anything that feels outdated from your current brand.

3. Work on your 2023 goals

Sometimes goals can get pushed to the side when business picks back up and time is limited. If you're guilty of this, now is the time to pull out your goals for the year and go over them again.

Businesses are constantly evolving and changing. And, because your business is constantly evolving, so should your business plan.

Set aside some time each year to clean up your business plan. Reflect on the past year and consider what changes your business has implemented in the last 365 days. Did you add or remove any items? Are you looking to enter a new market? Or did you completely revamp your business mission? If you did, include it in your strategy.

4. Clean up your marketing strategies

There is no better time than spring to take a step back and evaluate and refresh your marketing strategies. Marketing tactics are constantly evolving and e very day, a new marketing trend emerges.

Spend time this spring refreshing your marketing strategies. You can spruce things up by doing the following:

  • Discovering new marketing trends

  • Investing in social media

  • Task automation (e.g., email marketing)

  • Attending a conference or trade show

  • Reassessing your brand

  • Analyzing data from the previous year

5. Organize your inbox

Emails, paperwork, and other documents can quickly pile up for a business owner on the go.  It's easy to become disorganized when you're preoccupied with your business. Emails pile up, and before you know it, your inbox is a complete mess.

Use the spring season to clean out your inbox. Sure, it's a time-consuming and somewhat painful process. However, once you've gotten rid of those pesky emails, you'll feel energized and organized.

You can do some other digital spring cleaning while you're clearing out your inbox. Examine your computer's old files and delete any unnecessary documents or folders.

Consider creating specific folders to sort your documents (e.g., "Business Plan Information") to make things more efficient in the future. You can then easily access your work without having to sift through hundreds of documents to find what you're looking for.

6. Revamp your office space

Now comes the "fun" part: cleaning your office and workspace. Give your office a thorough cleaning if you want to literally spring clean your business.

Decluttering around the office will help your business. After all, throwing out trash, dusting, and vacuuming can't hurt, right? Cleaning your workspace in the spring can help you feel more refreshed and organized. Not only will your workplace look better, but it may also make you feel better.

Want to feel calm, cool, and collected when managing your money?

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