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5 Ways to increase profit in your business

In a perfect world, you start your new business and you instantly start making tons of money, right? While this may be the case for some, the "making tons of money" part usually (hopefully) happens a little further down the road. So you may be asking yourself the million dollar question... How do I increase my profits? If you're a new business owner, you've probably prepared yourself for a delay in income however you're still probably eager to start bringing in the cash. Unfortunately, profitability won't happen over night so it's important to start strategizing the best ways for your business to make money. Before we dive into the ways in which to increase profit, let's talk about profit first.

What Are Profits?

Your profits are what's left over after you receive your payments and pay off your expenses. In a nutshell, sales- cost of sales= profit. A high profit usually means that the business is doing pretty well. As a result, a higher profit increases the value of the business while also allowing you to withdraw more money from the business to increase your personal wealth AKA more money in your pocket.

It's easy to believe that expanding your business is all about sales, but it's really all about profits. What you don't want is your cost of sales is greater than or equal to your sales. Profit maximization should always be one of your primary goals when it comes to business growth. The 5 ways to increase your profit are listed below

The 5 Ways to Increase Profit

1. Increasing Prices

Adjusting prices is usually the first method that comes to mind. Many business owners' natural instinct is to lower prices in order to remain competitive, but this could potentially have a negative impact on your business's profits. If you reduced your prices, you would have to sell more and attract new customers to maintain the same level of profits. This is usually only doable in very specific industries where products are highly competitive in terms of price.

Many businesses could benefit from raising their prices rather than lowering them. There is always the fear that raising prices will result in a loss of sales. However, even if you lose some of your sales volume, you will usually see a positive impact on your profit. This means you'll make more money per sale while selling fewer items overall. We love more cash, less effort, right?

2. Increasing Customers

Attracting new business can be difficult, but it's a great way to increase your sales and profits. By expanding your customer base, you not only increase sales, but you also add a completely new person to your network, and if they love your product or service, they will most likely come back for more. Typically, reaching out to new customers and markets generally requires some form of targeted marketing. Marketing options range from handing out flyers on the street to social media marketing like Facebook or Instagram. Choose a method that is appropriate for your type of business and ideal clients.

3. Increase How Often Your Customers Make Purchases

Keep your customers coming back for more. Increasing sales does not have to depend on attracting new customers. Instead, you can increase your sales to your existing customers. For example, if you own a dog grooming business, encourage your customers to make their next appointment before they leave. Or maybe you own a clothing store that releases new collections every season. You could hold semi annual sales in hopes of selling old, discounted inventory but also drawing customers to take a look at new, full priced inventory.  The main goal here is to develop systems and strategies within your business that can be applied to all clients and customers.

4. Increasing The Amount Customers Purchase

Even if you keep the same customers, prices, and purchase rate, you can increase your profit simply by making them buy more. This is where upselling comes into play. Have you ever sat down at a restaurant and decided to order a burger and you may notice the cheese costs extra? If you're like me, cheese on a burger is an absolute must-have even if it costs me a little extra. You may not own a restaurant but think of ways you can offer different add ons that leave customers in the same "cheese costs extra" dilemma. Leave them with the feeling that they absolutely can't live without it. 

5. Increase the Efficiency of Your Services

Instead of increasing sales, you can simply increase profits by lowering the cost of sales. Putting systems in place to improve the efficiency of your products or services will have a direct impact on your profit. The goal is to cut down on wasted time and materials, as well as any other costs your business may have. Keep a close eye out for cheaper or discounted materials, buy in bulk, or automate in areas that you can. Maybe your business is strictly appointment based. Invest in an online booking system that way you aren't wasting time or money answering phone calls for new appointments. Cutting out wasted time = more time for your customers = more money. 

While every business varies and some of these tips that might work for some may not work for others, it's important to implement strategies that will ultimately increase your business's profitability...

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