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Small business owners, this quiz was made for you.

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It’s time to plug those financial leaks, streamline your day-to-day, and grow your revenue (without extra hustle)

With just 8 questions (around 2 minutes), you’ll get a customized blueprint that will bring clarity to your financial plan. With actionable 1, 2, 3 steps that can help you maximize profits while whisking away financial stress.

This quiz will help you IF:

  • You’re still in the “just starting out” phase of your business and want to put a bookkeeping plan in place from the beginning so you can rock through your first tax season without losing a single second of sleep to “Did I do everything right??” stress


  • You know you’re missing out on chances to maximize profit and streamline cash flow. And want to make sure that every extra dollar is staying in your pocket (and not flying off to Aunt IRS)


  • You’re worried there’s a financial fire right on the horizon, and want to be proactive about spotting the sparks before they even light


  • You’re putting in the work to do the bookkeeping yourself, but want to start spending less time shuffling papers and plugging numbers into QuickBooks. And more time doing tasks that fill your entrepreneurial soul with *joy* 


  • You know there are missed opportunities and cash gaps in your current financial plan. You want to discover the extra unseen dollars while keeping yourself on a path toward long-term profitability


  • You’re considering working with an accountant, but want to make sure that the team and service package you choose is aligned with your goals in a way that leads to continued growth

Hey Friend!

I'm Ashley, your new accountant/BFF.

I help small business owners (service providers and product sellers: I’m talking to you!) get a bigger taste of whatever the “entrepreneurial dream” looks like to you. By helping make your numbers the least thought and time-consuming part of your business. 


Because less time spent thinking about numbers = more time to do what you really love. (Cheers to that!)


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