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You deserve the financial freedom you need to grow a business you love.
Work with us and we'll show you the way. 

Tired of feeling confused, unsure, and overall overwhelmed when it comes to the money in your business? 

You're in the right place. 

In this pricing guide, you'll learn about the various ways to work with Pretty Penny and feel confident in your business finances.


Let's get you back to doing what you love. (which I'm guessing doesn't include stressing about money)

Your information is secure and this is a free download with no credit card required. We will never spam you because, honestly, no one has time for that!

Hey friend!

I'm Ashley, your new accountant/bff.

I help entrepreneurs take the guesswork out of keeping more money in their pockets — while showing them time-saving strategies for getting their books in order with just a few minutes a day. 


Whether you’re a self-described math pro or a smart-as-heck business owner who happens to find numbers scarier than the latest in-theaters horror movie, I have you covered on the confidence and clarity-building front. Let’s get your books in order and keep them in order, one money-saving tip at a time (so that you can spend less time stressing over a computer screen, and more time doing the things that make your heart *sing*). 

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