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Sales down? 3 things you can do for your business right now.

It’s time to pivot, get creative & adjust.

First and foremost, get your mindset right. Think of this time as a gift. A time to do all the things you never have time for. Including rest & relaxation - which we usually don’t have enough time for. 

Think back to last year - in the midst of growth or stability - what were you wishing you had more time to do? Can you do that now?

Things are different, we know this now. It may be awhile before we’re back to a true normal. What does this mean for you? Look for opportunity. 

If you have lost sales, you have probably already taken a good look at your expenses and cut back. Find out what your break-even point is. How much do you need to sell to break even and brainstorm ways to get there or lower your expenses to match how much you are bringing in. 

There is something to be said about finding a way to stay open - protecting your brand and serving your customers. If you were required to close your doors due to regulations in your city, can you ramp up your online sales or find a way to create no-contact interactions with your customers? Maybe this means moving to solely online sales for now, or delivery only. I’ve seen a restaurant that was able to open start a program with virtual menus, ordering & paying limiting interactions with the serving staff. I’ve said it before, but creativity is key. 

Now 3 things you can do for your business right now:

  1. Stay in touch with clients/customers. Reach out offering help instead of sales. Strengthen those relationships. Do the same with prospects. 

  2. Up your marketing game. Any podcasts you’ve wanted to appear on? Have you been wanting to start a vlog? Update your social profiles & website. Create a marketing plan and calendar. What are others in your industry doing that’s working?

  3. Work on product & system development or improvement. Have you been needing to improve your delivery system? Maybe you have trouble with onboarding? Has your product needed a face lift? Making meaningful product changes can result in new customers and increased benefits. 

These are actions we should be taking year round but when things get busy, these activities tend to take a backseat to the day-to-day operations. Work ON your business (instead of in it).


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