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How to Rewrite Your Money Story

How does money make you feel? Do you save every penny because you're scared you might need it someday? Do you spend without thinking? Do you watch your bank account like a hawk? Do you try to ignore your finances altogether?

All these beliefs and feelings about money are part of your money story, and they affect how you manage your finances every day. If you want to feel confident in your money management skills and start attracting the abundance you deserve, you have to rewrite your money story.

What is a money story?

Your money story is a culmination of everything you feel about money. It encompasses all the stresses, false beliefs, and misconceptions you might have about money in your life.

When I first started rewriting my money story, I found that I'd been carrying a lot of false beliefs, some from as far back as my childhood:

  • I believed I needed to hold onto every penny I received. Once it was gone, it would be gone forever. In reality, smart purchases can actually bring you more money down the line. And even if they don't, they still might be worth it for your happiness!

  • I believed it was irresponsible to buy expensive things, even if I wanted or needed them. Now, I've learned that there's nothing wrong with treating myself to something nice. I've earned it!

  • I believed that money issues were something you handled in private, not something you talked about with friends. In recent years, though, I've realized how empowering it can be to talk about money. It's not brag-y or impolite.

Tearing down these false beliefs is crucial to changing your money mindset. Once you do, you'll be surprised how much better you feel about your finances!

How to Rewrite Your Money Story

Rewriting your money story is all about doing the mindset work. Here's how to get started!

Dig deep.

The first step to rewriting your money story is getting really, really well-acquainted with it.

We all carry narratives about money and abundance, and most of them come from our childhood. In order to move past our mindset blocks, we need to get to the root of them.

However you prefer to reflect - journaling, meditation, therapy - take some time to sit with your old money story. Some questions to ask as you do:

  • How did your parents handle their money? Did they talk about money in front of you or keep it behind closed doors?

  • When you received money as a gift during childhood, what did you do with it? Did you spend it immediately or save it forever?

  • How do you feel when you spend money on yourself versus on others?

  • What kind of feelings come up when you pay necessary bills? What about when you treat yourself?

  • What does your bank account have to look like for you to feel comfortable? For you to feel confident?

Once you recognize the mindset blocks you're facing, you can start to overcome them.


When I started rewriting my money story, I faced a lot of different emotions. The biggest one: Anger.

I was angry at the lies I'd been told about money. I was angry for the ways I'd limited myself and my abundance. More than anything, I was angry it had taken me so long to start doing the work of rewriting my story.

That's why forgiveness is such a vital step in the process. In order to move forward, we have to forgive ourselves and the people in our lives who unknowingly fed into our mindset blocks. Whether that's your parent, your partner, or yourself, take time to truly forgive them.

Write a new story.

Once you start moving past your old money story, it's time to write your new one!

First, supplement your existing knowledge. I'm a big fan of investing in financial literacy courses, reading books about money, and listening to podcasts by finance pros. This knowledge will help you feel more confident in your money management skills and, in turn, help you attract more.

Then, start rebuilding your money mindset. I did this through journaling, affirmations, and scheduling "Money Dates." During my Money Dates, I lit some candles, turned on my favorite music, and sat down with my budget to look over my spending and saving. Doing this helped me make money management feel less like a chore and more like a treat.

More than anything, give yourself time. Rewriting your money story won't happen overnight. I've been doing the work for years, and I still come across mindset blocks every once in a while. But the more you practice positive money thoughts, the more easily you'll attract abundance.

You're not alone in rewriting your money story.

In fact, there are thousands of women taking the same journey! If you're a business owner looking to cultivate a better money mindset, come join us in The CASH Club, a membership designed to help you learn how to manage your money with confidence.


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