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Your Bookkeeping Blueprint is all about...


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Long gone are the days of DIY-ing your finances and quick-Googling answers to all your “How do I…” bookkeeping Qs. You’ve broken through the 7-figure revenue ceiling. And now have a team behind you helping drive your profit margins and set you toward an even greater scale-up. 


You’ve worked hard to reach these 7-figure heights…


But with new growth comes new accounting challenges. Which is why you’re focused on lowering your tax liability. While leveraging data on “where your numbers are now” into opportunities for further growth. (So you can bank more money without too much extra hustle on your part.)

Here’s a crystal-ball peek into the future of your biz:

You’ve already smashed through the 7-figure ceiling. Which means feeling stressed about day-to-day bookkeeping or losing money by over-paying the IRS is sooooo a few tax seasons ago…

  • You deserve total clarity when it comes to your financial picture. So that you can build short and long-term goals from accurate financial data…while fast-forwarding toward the next stage of your scale-up. 


  • You deserve to have a strategic Legacy of Success plan that will ensure you’re making sound investment decisions. Ones that will provide far-reaching financial stability to your nearest and dearest.


  • You deserve to feel 100% confident that your team is accurately invoicing, paying bills, managing your cash flow, and accounting for every dollar that goes in and out of your pocket. (While spotting any opportunities to keep more money from flowing out.)

Your Bookkeeping Blueprint Has 3 Simple Steps:

Blueprint Step One: Look at what’s working, as well as what’s not

More detailed data and reports give a bird’s eye view of your business finances…so that you can catch that little flow of leaking money before it becomes a gushing waterfall of missed revenue.

Blueprint Step Two: Focus on keeping hard earned money in your hands. Just as much as you’re focused on bringing new money in

Lowering your tax liability. Strategically paying off debt without eating into your profit. Ensuring long-term financial stability with smart investments. Working smarter, not harder with the money you’ve already banked can boost your profit margins. Without extra effort.

Blueprint Step Three: Double and triple-check your numbers

When your next-stage growth plans are driven by “here and now” financial data, one misplaced decimal is all it takes to put the brakes on your rising profit margins. 


That’s why biz owners are easing the pressure on their in-house admin team by having an accountant oversee invoicing and day-to-day cash flow. (To get a second pair of expert eyes on the financial coming-ins and going-outs.)

Meet the architect behind your Bookkeeping Blueprint:

Hi, I'm Ashley!

When I’m not hanging with my pup Penny Lane (hi, Penny!), I use my decade of accounting experience to run Pretty Penny Accounting. We’re a team of profit-boosting pros who help businesses grow their revenue and streamline their operations. By taking accounting overwhelm fully off their plate.

You’re ready to leave all your tax and financial “How do I…” confusion behind IF:

  • You’ve just rocked through a season of quick growth. Now you want to put a streamlined accounting system in place…so that one missed detail doesn’t become a financial fire

  • You’ve been struggling to put together a long-term financial stability plan. But now you want to finally start building a Legacy of Success that will keep you and your loved ones financially secure. For the long-haul.

  • You’re still still spending 5+ hours a month double-checking financial data and keeping a close eye on your cash flow. Because you’re still not 100% sure that every number is accurate.

  • You’ve left the hustle and grind for every dollar stage of business ownership far behind. Now you’re rocking $1 million or more in yearly revenue. (With no end to your growth in sight!)

  • You know that money is slipping through the cracks. You want to plug these, while lowering your tax liability. So that you keep more of your money where it should be: in your own hands.  

  • You want more detailed data and reports that will give you a crystal-clear view of the metrics that matter. So that you can leverage where you are now into opportunities for unstoppable future growth.

If at least 2 of the above sound like you, it’s time to turn that Business Blueprint into an easy system for multiplying your profit margin while subtracting financial stress…

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Here’s how we’re helping businesses like yours move, shake, and opportunity-take:

Take a peek into future stages of your Bookkeeping Blueprint: 

✔️ The full bookkeeping sweep of services: bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll, and sales tax management (that’s fully hands-free on your end)


✔️ Strategic financial guidance and ongoing email support and that’s just one click of the “send” button away


✔️A team of “been doing this for a decade” accounting pros who specialize in maximizing your profit margins and improving your cash flow for stress-free business growth

Starting at $2,000/month for service providers and $2,200/month for product sellers

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