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Your Bookkeeping Blueprint is all about...

setting the growth groundwork

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It took hard work to grow your business from a “maybe one-day” idea into a biz ready to rock through its next season of growth


You’re no stranger to working through the weekend or clocking 8+ hour days while chugging your caffeinated beverage of choice to keep your mind in the productivity groove.


All that hard work has helped you get to where you are today. 


But now you’re ready to put a reasonable game plan for growth in place that will raise your revenue and streamline your business. One that will boost your profits. Without leaving you spending extra hours second-guessing quarterly taxes, budgeting, and how to properly pay yourself out for your hard work. (Because you’ve got wayyy better things to do!)

Here’s a crystal-ball peek into the future of your biz:

You’re an I’ve already put in the work to build business owner. Which means spending time stressing about finances and hustling to get your books in order is soooo last tax season... 

  • You deserve to look at your business bank account and see extra dollar signs. Because you’ve maximized your deductions at every stage AND have a foolproof and easily repeatable method for keeping more of your hard-earned revenue…


  • You deserve to hit “submit” on your taxes and feel totally, not-a-doubt-in-your-mind confident that Uncle Sam won’t be sending a red-inked, “we need to talk to you” letter. Because you KNOW you’ve checked all the necessary boxes and followed every IRS rule…


  • You deserve to feel like you’ve added 3 extra hours to your day. Because you’re no longer losing seconds, minutes, hours, or days wondering: “am I doing this right…”, “should I be…”, or “what is normal here…” 

Your Bookkeeping Blueprint Has 3 Simple Steps:

Blueprint Step One: Do away with the whole “numbers person” idea

Here’s a secret your middle school math teacher might not have told you: there’s no such thing as a “numbers person.” 

You don’t have to have an advanced accounting degree or an unquenchable love of algebra to get your books in order. And keep your books in order.

Blueprint Step Two: Let your numbers speak (and listen deep)

Getting clarity around what your numbers are actually telling you can help you make strategic growth decisions. The kind that lead to big, 2x or 3x revenue boosts.

Blueprint Step Three: Leave tax stress in the rearview mirror

With the right year-long systems in place, you can dance and champagne-pop (🍾) through every season of growth. While also easily tracking expenses and making IRS-approved deductions that keep more money in your pocket…without extra effort. 

Meet the architect behind your Bookkeeping Blueprint:

Hi, I'm Ashley!

When I’m not hanging with my pup Penny Lane (hi, Penny!), I use my decade of accounting experience to run Pretty Penny Accounting. We’re a team of number pros and Quickbooks gurus who take all the guesswork and “how do I…?” out of day-to-day biz finances. (While making tax day seem like just another ole day of the year.) 

You’re ready to leave all your tax and financial “How do I…” confusion behind IF:

  • You’re just starting to transition from the “build” to “growth” stage and want to streamline your bookkeeping from the beginning. (So that you never lose sleep over tax-time stress.)

  • You’re struggling with budgeting, projections, and taxes and want to feel prepared to tackle your finances with ease. And confidence, too.

  • You’ve done the whole work all day and work all weekend thing. Now you want an easily maintainable plan for keeping your books in order. One that will give you back 3+ hours each week.

  • You’ve tried different softwares, popped plenty of “please help!!” search inquiries into Google, and want to get your business finances untangled. While keeping them untangled for the long-haul.

  • You can’t shake a looming fear about tax day, and have a mini heart attack at the thought of seeing one of those red-stamped IRS envelopes show up in your mailbox. 

  • You’re on the fast-track for continued growth. And know that taking financial stress off your plate and getting your budgeting in order will give you more time and more energy to take those next scale-up steps.

  • You already spend waaayyyyy too many hours a week getting a handle on your biz finances. Now you want to shrink that financial focus-time to fifteen minutes or less a day.

If at least 3 of the above sound like you, it’s time to turn that Business Blueprint into an easy system for figuring out your business finances. While also putting a solid growth plan in place…

(Pssst: Want to fast-forward things along? Skip the discovery call and let us take bookkeeping off your hands by applying here.)

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Here’s how we’re helping businesses like yours set the Growth Groundwork: 

Quick Q: What’s sounding like the best next step to you? 

(Done for You)

✔️ The full bookkeeping sweep of services: bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll, and sales tax management (that’s hands-free on your end!)

✔️Email support that’s just one click of the “send!” button away. We're here to support you through the good and the... complicated.

✔️A team of “been doing this for years” accounting pros who believe there is no such thing as a bad question

Starting at $600/month for service providers and $750/month for product sellers

(Do It Yourself)

✔️ All the knowledge you need to maximize your income and deductions while minimizing your tax-time stress


✔️ our vault of resources and video lessons that take the guesswork out of paying yourself out, saving for taxes, and maximizing deductions


✔️ Unlimited access to the Pretty Penny team for questions

✔️ Ability to submit your numbers to us for personalized advice

$99/month for access to us through Be Your Own Bookkeeper PLUS

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