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Your Bookkeeping Blueprint is all about...


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You’ve built your company from a “maybe one day” idea into a 7-figure empire. (That kind of success story deserves a champagne pop 🍾) But that growth didn’t happen overnight…


You pushed through all the early feelings of imposter syndrome. Overcame all the“how do I…?” obstacles of early business ownership. And hustled morning, night, and every weekend in-between to achieve the scale-up you had in your sights.


Now you’re known as a leader in your market. With a team by your side who share your forward-looking vision of future growth.

You want to get crystal-clear on what your numbers are telling you. So that you can make strategic decisions as you continue to grow…

The kind of strategic decisions that will continually increase your profit margins. While building a Legacy of Success that guarantees the financial security of your nearest and dearest for the long-term.

But for businesses of your scale, not any ole Bookkeeping Blueprint will do.

Your Blueprint needs to look ahead to how much further you can grow by taking into account the cold, hard, number realities of where you are.

And while I could sit here and tell you things that you already know…

(As you nod along on the other side of your computer screen or quick-move your mouse cursor toward the “X” to click out of this page.)

Things like: 

You won’t grow until you’re open about what you don’t know.




Don’t waste valuable minutes of your day doing to-do tasks that you could just as easily outsource.




When in doubt, invest in expert help. 


We both know that you’ve been there, done that with that kind of generalized advice.


So instead, I’ll say…

Hi, I'm Ashley!

When I’m not hanging with my pup Penny Lane (hi, Penny!), I use my decade of accounting experience to run Pretty Penny Accounting. We’re a team of profit-boosting pros who help businesses grow their revenue and streamline their operations. By taking accounting overwhelm fully off their plate. 


I specialize in small-but-growing businesses operating in the below-$5 million in revenue range. But if you’re looking for an expert accountant who can give you a real, not-at-all-generalized and fully-unique-to-you Bookkeeping Blueprint….to help you crack into the next revenue bracket while ensuring the long-term financial stability of your company and personal savings accounts…


Well, I’d be happy to help you out with a referral! Just give me the heads-up that you’d love to chat about that ⬇

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